Crack on toast

Just been through the basic morning bootstrap code and waiting for my coffee machine to heat up, so I thought I’d just throw out a few words while I’m just sitting here being more or less useless (“My name is Ole André and I’m an addict.”). Got a new oSpy release (1.9.4) out on Wednesday evening, and this release has a couple of new features that I think are worth mentioning. I’ve added a visualization miniview, inspired by IDA‘s graph mode navigation window, which you can see a screencast of here. Another useful feature is that you can now select columns by clicking on the headers and right-click and choose “Delete selected” to get rid of them. This can be very useful if you’re dealing with scenarios where some streams are completely uinteresting, like for example an IM client pulling advertisements over HTTP, where you obviously don’t want those to clutter your view when you’re looking at other HTTP transactions for example.

Late Thursday evening I pieced together another feature that will make it into the next oSpy release. Basically I’ve been very annoyed over not being able to select and copy text from the nodes, and of course also the fact that lines get cut off if they were too long. I’ve also been longing for a way to scroll within the nodes instead of having nodes that are like 1000 pixels high in cases where the body contains a lot of data. Rich text formatting is another thing that I’ve been feeling like should be there, as there’s already been code in the project for quite some time to do XML syntax-highlighting, so I added this as well. I only had about 2 hours to hack on this so I didn’t get it finished enough to do a release, but you can see a screenshot of what it looked like here. I’m not entirely happy with the syntax highlighting colors, and there are still some bugs to be ironed out. I had intended to finish it off after work yesterday, but I was too tired so I ended up heading straight to bed after watching a few episodes of Stargate.

Anyway, my coffee machine has heated up now so I guess it’s time to start hacking. 🙂

Stay tuned.


~ by oleandre on February 10, 2007.

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  1. I love ospy

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