oSpy collaboration

Olve had a really great idea for oSpy’s the other day. What if you could do a trace, create a visualization, and then go “Share it!”, enter your name/nickname and a quick description, and off it would go, straight into a central repository. As soon as it was submitted you’d get a permalink back that you could then share with your fellow hackers, and where you and others could add tags, comments etc. and help in analyzing what’s going on. At the same place you could then also have visualizations generated as HTML, SVG, PNG or whatever converters were available. People could contribute conversion scripts, like Ali recently did, and these could all be improved over time. But the thing is, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a community of developers sharing their research, whether they’re working on open source or in-house closed source stuff that needed to inter-operate with proprietary Windows-only systems? I think this is a great idea, and it was simply impossible to let this one go by, I just had to implement it. 🙂 So here’s what it looks like:

oSpy’s collaboration feature

You can see it in action through this screencast. Thanks a lot for this great suggestion, Olve!


~ by oleandre on March 4, 2007.

One Response to “oSpy collaboration”

  1. The ospy is real star tool, i m without words,
    I think this tool is big BIG 🙂

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